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Infant Initiation class

This is the perfect starting point for your child to get a solid foundation in English for the first time

The teaching way:Small class training for 5-8 people

Suits the crowd:Suitable for all babies from 3 to 6 years old

Comprehensive ability improvement class in primary school

Strengthen children's sense of English language (sensitivity to English pronunciation, intonation, rhythm and phoneme), and establish English thinking

Abandon the habit of learning translational English, and be able to independently communicate in English based on daily life topics!

The teaching way:Life scenario experiential learning

Suits the crowd:Suitable for primary school students aged 6-12

Advanced middle school

At the same time, we will teach students to learn knowledge and think in English

Know the world with English, let our language world without borders!

The teaching way:The practice of collective teaching and individual counseling combined

Suits the crowd:Suitable for 12-18 year olds

Sprint for the test

Mainly for the high school examination, the college entrance examination, IELTS, TOEFL, GRE and other sprint training to test candidates before a professional test tutoring!

The teaching way:Senior teachers teach in small classes

Suits the crowd:Suitable for all test preparation candidates

Adult quality

Travel English, business English

Provide a platform for travel enthusiasts and business negotiators to improve their English

The teaching way:Small class training

Suits the crowdSuitable for all travel lovers and those who have business needs or want to improve their English

Bilingual host

Combining child psychology with broadcasting and hosting, impromptu oral expression and bilingual teaching, the bilingual host course has been scientifically established!

The teaching way:Senior TV host, senior radio anchor small class teaching

Suits the crowd:Broadcasting and hosting enthusiasts

Study abroad

To provide professional and senior guidance platform for personnel who plan to study abroad to improve their English quality

The teaching way:Small class training

Suits the crowd:Students who have the intention to study abroad

Small language variety

German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, etc

Improve your language skills

The teaching way:Small class training

Suits the crowd:Suitable for all business and travel needs or want to improve their

own small language level

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