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About Real English


  Real English Education has real foreign teachers from many different countries (such as the United States, The United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, South Africa, etc.), providing a rich and diverse cultural environment, with an open-minded   approach   and avant-garde education philosophy, and with scientific and well balanced curriculum designs. We facilitate the child's natural growth. We let every child learn about real ife in everyday life scenarios , to gain a sound knowledge of English use whilst playing and so , in their play, to perceive English as an actual   experience, and so to learn English in Ruihe, so that our language world will never have any national boundaries! We look forward to sharing our powerful teaching resources and rich teaching experience with each student. We look forward to growing with you, confidently going into the world and the future together!

Vision: To be the leading brand of ability and quality in education.

Mission: To provide a new learning environment experience that allows children to feel relaxed and happy and informed.

Core values: responsibility, love, innovation and integration.

Real English advantage

Relaxed and Comfortable environment . Perfectly equipped .

Learning in Real English is to be friends with teachers from many countries. Teachers take you into a playworld while learning, so that every student in Ruihe is happy, and can find it easy to learn English!

   A true foreign language environment

Pure foreign teacher resources are the basis of providing a   great language environment for learning English, Real English is a true foreign teacher English language training institution!

Scene teaching

For language learning, the language environment is particularly important.

A pure language environment makes language learning twice as effective with half the effort. We focus on fun, practice and experience, so that every student can learn English and fall in love with English!

We are   a CCTV "Star of Hope" endorsed and designated organization.

Our title is not self-appointed, CCTV star of Hope has endorsed us with

Professional certification, as a designated institution, to ensure the quality of teaching!

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